Decor & Design Conference consists of two-day digital conferences filled with a virtual fairground, networking rooms and panels and sessions that contain colorful and different dynamics. It enables you to examine in-depth the innovations and trends in the sector with 8 different session topics, keynote speakers and panels around the main theme determined to discover the "Design Trends of the Future". In addition, the networking opportunity and live connections that allow you to socialize with other participants and make connections accompany you in this new experience.

Join us for a next-generation digital conference experience consisting of vibrant 3D stands, products displayed in brands' digital showrooms, the ability to leave business cards, and exciting sessions and events..



It was created by those who keep the pulse of developing trends and purchasing changes of consumers, who believe in collective action and want to be inspired by each other. Decor & Design Conference is the meeting point for those who dream of and design our new living spaces and want to have a say in the future!



Thanks to the online networking rooms that offer the opportunity to meet people in your industry, you can correspond, make video calls and sign new agreements throughout the event. Moreover, you can do it all with a few clicks!


Take your place in the three-dimensional stand areas at the Decor & Design Conference! Walk around the booths surrounded by innovative products, examine home-living concepts, expand your product range and discover the latest collections displayed in digital showrooms of the brands.