Design and Architecture Ideas to Lead the Future Will Be Discussed at Decor & Design Conference


The Decor & Design Conference, which will be organized by Hannover Fairs Turkey as part of the Connection Days platform, is waiting for those who want to "Discover the Design Codes of the Future" on 26-27 May 2021. Free registration continues to participate in the Decor & Design Conference, which is the most comprehensive digital conference ever held in the field of architecture, decoration and design.

Hannover Fairs Turkey, the Turkey office of German fair organization company Deutsche Messe AG, has been adding a new one to the events it has been carrying out since June 2020 in order to increase the communication in the sector within the scope of the "Connection Days" platform. At the event, which will take place between 26 - 27 May 2021 and will be the industrys most comprehensive digital conference, the participants will have the chance to listen to new living spaces and future designs on the themes of Post-Covid-19 Design Trends, Eco Design and Sustainability from architects and designers who are experts in their fields.

The Decor & Design Conference, which will be the fourth event of the "Connection Days" platform, where digital event series have been organized in different areas of specialization since June 2020, set out with the theme of "Discover the Design Codes of the Future". The conference was an interdisciplinary session titled Green Buildings, Eco Design and Sustainability, Visual Merchandising and Design, Architecture after Covid-19, Latest Trends in Home Textiles and Decoration, Design-Oriented Thinking in Furniture, The Future of Floor Design, The Effect of Industrial Design on New Living Spaces and will host expert architects and designers in the panels.

Deutsche Messe AG Global Fair Director Sonia Wedell-Castellano, as well as İzmir Chamber of Interior Architects President Burcu Yazgan Parlak, who will take part in the opening session of the event, and Hannover Fairs Turkey General Manager Alexander Kühnel said, “With the pandemic affecting the whole world, We are adding a new one to our activities as part of the alternative business and trade platform Connection Days, which we launched together. In the fourth event of Connection Days, Decor & Design Conference, we aim to offer a new and completely digital experience with sessions shaped around 8 different session themes including seasonal and post-pandemic trends of the architecture and design industry. In our two-day conference, our expert speakers, consisting of architects, interior architects, design directors, industrial designers and yacht designers, will draw attention to the importance of designing innovative, social, economic and ecological objects, spaces and services, and will inspire visitors for future designs.

New trends in the architectural sector and future designs will be discovered with expert speakers!

In the two-day Decor & Design Conference, the participants will have the opportunity to come together with the leading experts of the industry. The first day of the conference, where the opening keynote speech will be made by Arçelik Industrial Design Director Serdal Korkut AVCI, will end with the panel titled “A Rethinking of Housing Architecture in the Global Epidemic Environment”, which will be moderated by Yasemin Şener, the Editor-in-Chief of Yapı Magazine. The topics "Sustainable Designs at Tables" to be organized under the sponsorship of Kütahya Porselen and "International Brands Driving Decoration, Due Diligence & Future", sponsored by Skyland HOM, are the prominent sessions of the digital conference. On the second day of the event, the panel titled “The Past, Present and Future of Design in Parquet Industry” will be held under the sponsorship of AdoFloor. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to experts in their field in the "Visual Merchandising and Design" panel, which will be organized jointly with Arkitera Architecture Center.

In addition, Şule KOÇ, who was selected as the "Designer of the Year" in the #Edida2020Turkey awards, took part as a Keynote speaker in the section titled "The Future of Work and Design". Feza Ökten, Founder of Elips Design Architecture, KOCA will host the session titled "Invisible Worlds of Design and Designers". The “Up-Cycling in Design” session, which will be held jointly with the monthly decoration magazine “Home Art”, will take place before the closing of the conference. Adnan Serbest will make the closing speech of the conference in the “Manifesto for a Sustainable Future” Keynote session and will share the design manifesto with the participants.

Free online registrations for participation in the Decor & Design Conference, where content for architects and interior designers, designers, marketing and branding experts, city planners and engineers will be presented, started at

Participants who complete the registration process will be able to follow the event that will be broadcast live on the same link on the day of the event.